§ 1.    NAME
The association’s name is Juoigiid Searvi (JS).

§ 2.    PURPOSE

  • to promote and conserve traditional joiks and joik texts
  • to promote and strengthen the legal protection of joik melodies
  • to work for the establishment of financial support for joikers through stipends, funds and other arrangements
  • to facilitate the publication of joik melodies
  • to provide professional advice for people working with joiks
  • to cooperate with other art groupings and organisations where appropriate


  • Member of Juoigiid Searvi can become a Sami yoiker who
    -masters traditional yoik dialect
    -knows the yoik tradition
    -knows Sami language
    The applicant must send joik to the board, which the applicant himself has joiked.
  • JS appoints committees for the joik areas. The board decides whether applications should be submitted to the committees
  • The board of JS decides whether an applicant is qualified to become a member. An applicant whom the board has not approved as a member may appeal to the annual meeting, which appoints a separate committee for consideration of the matter.
  • Membership may cease if a member violates the statutes of the association or if the annual meeting believes that he or she has opposed the purpose of the association.
  • Membership will cease from June if membership is not paid by the end of may. A suspended member who repays the membership fee may again become a member.
  • The board may honor a member who has made a special effort in relation to joik. Honorary members of the association will also be those over the age of 65.


  • The annual meeting is the association’s highest authority.
  • Notice of the annual meeting is sent to the members 1 month before the meeting. Case papers shall be sent to members 2 weeks before the annual meeting.
  • Matters that members wish to present to the annual meeting must be submitted to the board within 3 weeks prior to the annual meeting. Only matters that have been submitted to the board before this deadline will be dealt with at the annual meeting.

Matters for the annual meeting:
1.  The board’s annual report
2.  Accounts
3.  Budget
4.  Action Plan
5.  Membership fee
6.  Matters brought by the board or members
7.  Proposals and resolutions
8.  Time and place of next annual meeting
9.  Elections:

  • Chairman, board members and deputies
  • Auditor
  • Other elections

An extraordinary annual meeting/members’ meeting shall be held when the board or a majority of the members demand it.

The annual meeting or the board may establish special working groups, committees and councils.

§ 7.    THE BOARD

  • The Board is responsible for the day-to-day management of the association and the election of board members shall represent Juoigiid Searvi’s areas of operation: Northern, Lule, South and East Sami (in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia).
  • There are 4 members on the board. The Chairman, deputy chairman and 2 board members. The annual meeting elects 2 deputies to the board.
  • The board is elected for 2 years at a time. Half the board members are elected every 2 years. Board members may be re-elected at the end of their terms.
  • The board is quorate when the chairman and two board members are present.
  • When votes cast at a board meeting are the same the chairman’s vote will decide.
  • The chairman prepares agendas and calls board meetings. A board meeting must be held if at least three board members demand it.

§ 8.    VOTING
Decisions at board meetings, members’ meetings and annual meetings are made by simple voting majority. If votes are distributed equally, there will be re-vote. Voting at members’  meetings and annual meetings shall be conducted in writing if demanded

The association’s accounts are a departmental account of the Sami Artists’ Council’s accounts.

The statutes may be amended if the annual meeting adopts it with a majority of at least 2/3 or pursuant to § 4.

The association may be dissolved if the members adopt it in written elections with a majority of at least 3/4. If the association is dissolved the association’s funds shall go to the promotion of joiks.

Adopted at the constitutional meeting of Juoigiid Searvi on 14.11.98.
Amended at Juoigiid Searvi's annual meeting on 16.02.02, annual meeting 22.03.03,
annual meeting 25.02.12, annual meeting 08.03.14, annual meeting 09.02.19, annual meeting 03.03.21.