Sami Artist Council administers several support schemes intended for sami artists and artist groups. The schemes are SDR sami artiststipends, Sami Artists’ and Authors’ Remuneration Fund, Dáiddafoanda. In addition, publishers can apply for Nordic translation support for translation and also for the publication of books published in Sámi, into another Nordic language. All these support schemes can be applied for on electronic forms on our website, except for applications to the Sami Artists and Authors Remuneration Fund


All individual artists can apply for sami artiststipends. Applications may be made for work grants and grants for minor purposes such as travel and study grants, project grants, establishment grants etc.

The stipend can be applied for in the period 15.09-16.10.23


Individual artists can apply for stipend from the Sámi Artists and Authors Remuneration Fund. Applications may be made for work grants and grants for minor purposes such as travel study grants, material grants, establishment grants, etc.

The stipend can be applied for in the period 15.09-16.10

Please note that the application form for this grant must be sent by post. Address: SKFV, Box 23, N-9735 Kárášjohka.


Collaborative projects

The fund’s funds can be used to allocate funding for projects where the art branches are represented by at least two of the Sami Artist Council’s artist organisations.

The fund’s funding will be used for sami artists’ inter-artistic collaborative projects represented by at least two art branches, or collaborative projects by sami artists and indigenous artists. Funding may be applied up to NOK 200 000. Funding is only given for projects commencing in the application year, and not for already started or completed projects. Applicants cannot expect to receive fully funded projects through Dáiddafoanda.

The application deadline for collaborative projects is 10.01 each year.


The ad hoc funds are intended for professional development for the applicants. All individual members and artist groups in the artist organisations subject to Sami Artist Council can apply for AD HOC funding.

The AD HOC funding will go to short-term projects where the artists have not had the opportunity to apply for other funding. The AD HOC funds are intended to help artists who are offered at short notice to attend festivals, concerts, exhibitions, courses, etc. All individual members of the artist organisations who are members of the Sami Artist Council can apply for AD HOC funding. Funding may be sought with up to NOK 25 000. Projects that receive funding must be completed within 4 months of the expiry of the application deadline.

AD HOC funds can be sought 4 times a year, 10.01, 10.04, 10.06 and 10.09


Support is being donated to translate poetry, drama, children’s- and youthbooks. In addition, funding can be sought for sami non-fiction books with cultural and artistic content. Funding may also be applied for the publication. Nordic translation support is sought on our website.

Application deadline is extended to 15.06.2023.

For more information and application forms, go to Support Schemes and click on the relevant support scheme.