Artist agreement

The Sami Artist Council negotiates with the Sami Parliament in Norway on artistic policy objectives and economic frameworks for various schemes. In 2004, the Sami Artist Council and Sami artists’ organisations were granted bargaining rights with the Sami Parliament on the development of Sami artist politics.
The agreement institute enters into a four-year cooperation agreement, as well as an annual artist agreement and annual dialogue meeting.
The 4-year cooperation agreement includes guidelines for the annual negotiations and other cooperation on Sami art policy, as well as common sub-goals for the work of the 4-year contract periods
The annual artist agreement includes an economic framework for operational support for sami artist organisations and the Sami Artist Council, funding for professional supervisors for the organisations, Dáiddafoanda (Artfund), artist grants and remuneration funds.

Artist agreement: (the agreements are only in sami and norwegian language)

Dáiddáršiehtadus 2021

Dáiddáršiehtadus 2020

Dáiddáršiehtadus 2019

Cooperation agreement:

Ovttasbargošiehtadus 2020-2024

Ovttasbargošiehtadus 2016-2019