Statutes for the Sami Artists’ Council Vedtekter / Sámi Dáiddárráđđi (SDR)

The organisation’s name is Sámi Dáiddárráđđi / the Sami Artists’ Council, SDR. SDR is a joint council body for 6 Sami organisations: Sámi Lávdi,(SL) – the Sami Association of Performing Arts, Juogiid Searvi (JS), Sámi Filbmabargiid Searvi (SFS) – the Sami Film Union, Sámi Dáiddačehpiid Searvi (SDS) –  the Sami Artists’ Association,  Sámi Girječálliid Searvi (SGS) – the Sami Writers’ Association and Sámi Komponisttat (SK) – the Sami Composers Association

§ 2    THE BOARD
The SDR is managed by a board that follows board instruction adopted by the SDR’s annual meeting. The board shall consist of 6 members with deputies elected by the member organisations.
The SDR board should consist of representatives from Norway, Sweden and Finland. The board’s composition must reflect the expertise the organisation at all times requires.
Those who meet the criteria for standing in the Sami Parliaments’ electoral registers may be selected as representatives on the board.

The chairman of the board is elected at the annual meeting, the rest of the board will be appointed roles at the first board meeting. The chairman is elected for 2 years. Members are elected for 2 years. Board members who resign from the board may not rejoin it.

§ 3    PURPOSE
The SDR is the administration for the member organisations and shall promote the economic, artistic and artistic interests of member organisations in negotiations with the Sami Parliaments of Norway, Sweden and Finland, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the authorities in Russia and other natural partners.

The SDR shall promote the interests of its artist organisations in relation to the national authorities in the countries where Sami artists live.

The SDR shall communicate and actively initiate contact with others organisations both nationally and internationally and in particular stimulate contact with groups of indigenous artists around the world. (Also see instructions for the board.)

Sami artists’ organisations that organise artists, in the Nordic countries and internationally, may apply for membership. Applications are processed and decided by the annual meeting.

The member organisations participate in the SDR on a solidarity basis with the rights and obligations set out in these statutes. Member organisations are sovereign when it comes to the management of their own funds and to the promotion of their own artistic and art policy work. Member organisations pay a subscription fee to the SDR.
Member organisations subscription fees are regulated by the annual meeting.

Board members who do not comply with the statutes or otherwise harm to the organisation internally or outwardly may be excluded. Decisions on exclusion shall be made by the board with a 2/3 majority.
Appeals against exclusion may be put before the annual meeting.

The board is charged with:

  • managing the SDR and what pertains to the SDR in accordance with its purpose clauses and adopted action plans
  • having overall responsibility for the operation of the SDR
  • determining the SDR’s budget
  • appointing a general manager
  • determining the SDR’s financial statements by the end of each April for the previous operating year
  • operating in accordance with planned board instructions

General Manager: (GM)

The GM is responsible for the day-to-day management at the SDR. The GM is other employees’ immediate superior. The GM shall work in accordance with the purposes set out in the statutes, guidelines and action plans that are given or prescribed by the board at any given time.

The GM reports to the board and is responsible for the performance of the SDR to the board.

The GM’s superior is the board and between board meetings the GM may confer with the chairman if necessary. The GM organises the work of the secretariat in consultation with the board.

Accounting shall be carried out by an authorised accountant or company and revised by an authorised auditor or auditing company.

The board shall hold at least 4 board meetings a year. Financial reviews shall be presented at board meetings. The annual schedule, with any additions, shall be processed at least twice a year. A report from the administration shall be presented half-yearly. The board and the GM plan and execute all external negotiations and agreements.

The annual meeting is held every year, preferably after the member organisations have held their annual meetings. In cases where it is difficult to meet physically, the annual meeting may be carried out digitally, but no later than the end of June. The notice of annual meeting shall be sent out 1 month before the meeting is held.
The annual meeting consists of 2 representatives from each member organisation elected by

the individual member organisations. Representatives elected to the annual meeting must meet the criteria of being on the Sami Parliaments’ electoral registers.

The annual meeting deals normal annual meeting matters:

  1. Annual report
  2. Accounts with the auditor’s report
  3. Strategy and action plan
  4. Annual budget
  5. Board fees
  6. Organisations’ membership fees
  7. Review of Statutes and any revision
  8. Electionsa. the board the nomination committee, consisting of 3 representatives. proposes the chairman, board members and deputies
    b. the negotiation, the stipend and fund committees
    c. the election committee The annual meetings of the member organisations propose candidates for the SDR election committee.
    d. the auditor
    e. Other elections
  9.  Annual meeting statements

An extraordinary annual meeting shall be held if required by 4 of the member organisations. The notice of an extraordinary annual meeting shall take place 1 month before the meeting is held.

The Sami Artists’ Council may only be dissolved if, after two subsequent annual meetings held at least two months apart, a decision is made to do so with a majority of at least 2/3. Any funds allocated must be returned to the granting authority before dissolution. Upon dissolution, the SDR’s funds and obligations are distributed among member organisations.

Adopted at an extraordinary annual meeting of the Sami Artists’ Council on 29.03.2017. Amended 20.06.19. Amended 16.06.2021