NORDIC TRANSLATING FUNDING  – from sami language to another Nordic language

Nordic translation support is an arrangement that has been allocated through the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Purpose of support
The translation support is intended for publishers to translate books from Sami into one other Nordic language, which is Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, Faroese, and Greenlandic. The purpose of the scheme is to distribute and highlight Nordic literature and publish good books in the Nordic languages.

Support is given to translate poetry, dramaturgy and children’s and youth books. In addition, it is possible to apply for support for non-fiction that has cultural and artistic content. It is also possible to apply for funding to publish Sami translated books into another Nordic language.

Translating does not support:

  • scientific journals and research reports
  • work- and company related books
  • encyclopedias and factual books
  • textbooks
  • yearbooks and other books intended for communities
  • leisure books, travel guides, recipe books and other similar books

Application deadline is extended to 15.06.2023

The application must be completed on the stipulated form. 2 copies of the book must also be submitted to  this address:
Sami Artist Council, Box 23, N-9735 Kárášjohka
The book must be published in Sami before translation support can be applied for.
Decisions on allocation and rejection are final and cannot be appealed.

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Once you’ve received support
In the book awarded translation support, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ logo must appear. You can get this here:
When the book is finished, the publishers will send one more copy: Sami Artist Council, The Nordic House in Iceland and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Nordens hus, Sæmundargata 11, 101 Reykjavik, Island

Nordisk Ministerråd, Ved Stranden 18, 1061 København K, Danmark


Contact information for the Nordic countries included in the NordLit network:

• Sápmi: Sami Artist Council, Mona Kemi, +47 94 78 04 51

• Sweden: Susanne Bergström Larsson, Statens kulturråd, +46-8-519 264 83.

• Denmark: Annette Bach, Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen / Litteratur & DEFF, +45 3373 3373.

• Finland: Tiia Strandén, FILIs delegasjon, +358 40 5820975.

• Iceland: Gréta María Bergsdóttir, The Icelandic Literature Center, +354 552 8500.

• Faroe Island: Urd Johannesen, Faroese Literature (FarLit).

• Greenland: Juaaka Lyberth, Grønlands Forfatterforening.

• Norway: Margit Walsø, NORLA, +47 23 08 41 07.