Purpose and function

The Sami Artist Council (SDR) wants to promote good and versatile sami artlife. The Sami Artist Council shall serves amongst other as a council for 6 member organisations, and shall promote their economic and art policy interests, work in relation to both the appropriating authorities and other actors at the Nordic level. The six Sami artists’ organisations represent yoikers, film workers, writers, visual artists, performing artists and composers from four countries.

The Sami Artist Council also promotes and supports individual artists in their professional development through our financial arrangements. SDR manages sami artist stipends, Dáiddafoanda, translation support for Sami language literature as well as the Sami Artists’ and Authors’ Remuneration Fund. Elected representatives among artists help to process the applications in the various academic committees. The financial framework for awards per year is approx. NOK 5-6 million, which is awarded to Sami artists and publishers.

SDR’s activities are led by one board, which consists of six representatives from the artist organisations. SDR receives financial support from the Sami Parliaments in Norway, Finland and Sweden and the Nordic Minster Council. The SDR works artificially in relation to the Sami Parliaments, the Nordic Council of Ministers and other actors, also internationally.