Statutes for The Sami Film Union

Sámi Filbmabargiid Searvi/ Samisk Filmforbund

Founded: Annual Meeting 11/05-96
Amendments to the statutes:  Annual Meeting 20/12-12 and Annual Meeting 08/12-14


The Sami Film Union shall cherish and promote Sami film production and safeguard Sami film professionals’ interests

§2. Membership

1.  Persons who can document active work in Sami film production may apply. By Sami film production is meant the production of living pictures on film, video, television and other audio-visual media

2. Membership of the SFS assumes that the applicant defines herself/himself as a Sami. Further, members should strive to use Sami language in their productions.

3. With either a proposal from the board or a minimum of 10 members SFS can, after a referendum with a 2/3 majority of votes cast, decide to exclude members who are disloyal to the SFS’s statutes, action plan or other decisions. The same applies to members who within or outside the SFS act in an unworthy or injurious manner.

4. A member is someone who has paid the current annual membership fee.

§3. Annual Meeting

1. The annual meeting takes place each year before the end of June. The notice with the agenda shall be sent out at least 4 weeks before the annual meeting. The following case papers for the meeting shall be sent at least 2 weeks before the meeting:

a.                         annual reported
b.                         revised accounts
c.                          budget
d.                         membership fees
e.                         action plan
f.                          proposals sent to and from the board
g.                         elections
i.  chairman and personal deputy
ii. 4 board members with personal deputies
iii. auditor
iv. nomination committee
v.  the SFS representative to Samisk Kunstnerråd, if SFS is a member

2. Cases that members wish to take up at the annual meeting must be sent in writing to the board at least 4 weeks beforehand.
3.Cases that come too late to appear on the agenda and cases that are proposed during the annual meeting may be addressed for processing at the meeting if 2/3 of members vote in favour.
4. An extraordinary annual meeting shall be held if a majority of the board find it necessary or if ¼ of members demand it in writing.
5. Voting is restricted to those who have paid membership fees for the previous or current year. Power of attorney may not be used.
6. Sami is the official language of the annual meeting.

§4. Signatures

The board announces who has the right of signature for SFS

§5. Amendments to the statutes

Proposals for changes in the SFS’s statutes shall be sent to the board at least 6 weeks before the annual meeting. The board is obliged to present proposals for changes in the statutes at the annual meeting. Amendments to the statutes require a 2/3 majority

§6. Dissolution

Dissolution of the SFS can only take place with a 2/3 majority decision at 2 consecutive annual meetings with an interval of at least 2 months.

§7. The board

The annual meeting can decide the allowance according to § 3.  1 c)
the majority of the board reconstitute the composition of the board according to § 3  4.