I am working for Samisk Forfatterforening (Sami Authors organization) with the project Nordic Bridges, Canada, 2022. Due to this I need a presentation of you.
Language: You can do the presentation in either Sami or English. Samisk Forfatterforening will make a translation to English if needed.
Pictures: We need one or two pictures of you. They will be used in our introduction of you to the Canadian project. Please remember to add the photographer’s name.

Books, Audiobooks: Do you have any regular or audio books published. Please insert links to audio files if you have.
Did you publish books for children, youth, or adults? Have you participated at festivals with your books? Did you publish anthologies? Did you get any funding’s to be mentioned? What about nominations for awards? Maybe received awards? Please tell.

Biography, information about you: Just ordinary information as your name, and where you were born.

I am also working for Juoigiid Searvi’s participation in the Canadian festivals. If you have cooperation with yoikers that is member of this organization and would like to bring this to the stage, please make a description of this and we will investigate and see what we can do.

Information: This is primary information, I will be back with more detailed information later.
I have a close dialogue with the board in the Sami authors organization. We have been discussing a possible annual meeting in Canada next year.

If you have questions concerning this, please contact me at Samisk kunstnerråd, and I will do my best answering you.

Karen Anne Buljo
Professional supervisor, +47 46852630